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Don't you know that you are multidimensional Beings and that energy follows your attention?

Don't you know that the Christ is living within you and all people?

Don't you know that your body is pure, perfect, young, always beautiful and divine?

In your Being you are made like Christ, the perfect sun/ the perfect daughter, the innate, in which the Father takes pleasure in. You are pure, perfect, holy, divine, one with God and each child has a right to claim its childhood, its divinity.

The most important thing is »Love«.

Don't you know that the Tree of Life is planted deeply within the seclusion of our soul and that the fully ripe fruit, which grows to its complete beauty and ripens, is the most complete and life-giving fruit? This is love and this love is within us.

Love is the greatest in the world. Within love there is the greatest healing power. To love, no need of the human heart stays unknown and to love, none is unquenchable.

The divine principle of love can be used wherever it is for removing sorrow, sickness, hard life circumstances or any kind of lack weighing down on humanity. A clear understanding and an equally clear application of the subtle and unrestricted influence of love can heal the world of its wounds.

Love redeems the people with seemingly magic touch and changes the world. Love is God, everlasting, unrestricted, unwavering and goes beyond comprehension into eternity. We can see the end only in a visionary way. Love fulfils the law of its own spirit; love opens up in its perfect work and makes the Christ within the human being perceptible.

Love is always looking for a small door through which it gains entry to the soul of the human being and revitalizes everything good within him/ her. When you go into the peace meditation, it isn't like you simply open a small door, no:

You make the doors wide open!

Love is the perfect fruit of Spirit. It goes out to heal the wounds of humanity, to bring the Nations into closer harmony and to assure peace and abundance in the world. It is the actual pulse of the world, the pulse of the universal heart.

Does life weigh heavy on you?

Do you need courage and strength to face the problems lying in front of you?

Are you sick or are you afraid of something?

If this is the case, elevate your heart to become who you are meant to be!

Immortal love surrounds you, you can accept it.

Assert your claims to your birthright as children of the living God. Know that within the universal substance, in which we all live, we all move and have our Being, everything good and perfect that the human being could ever ask for is available. God awaits being called into visible form.

During the longest night, on December 21st, we will give special attention to the Light, to Love, to Peace and with this we call up for a worldwide meditation, because energy follows attention.

Date: December 21st, 2005

Time: 9:00 pm MEZ (3:00 pm EST)


We still need translations into other languages. Whoever is in control of a language which you can not find here, yet, is allowed to translate and we will make the translated text available right here.

Download  the Sound to Meditation  
or play it    (The Text is only in German)


Visualize the pranic tube. It is already present in the multidimensional space.


Imagine how the white light enters from above and below into the pranic tube. It forms a ball of golden light behind the breastbone. This ball is fed by the light.

The concentration is increasing; it is Christ Consciousness which is activated here. It is love, which comes from the heart. Take 5 minutes of your time and simply feel your breath and the love within you and say the following as you do this:


I am Light.

I am Love.

I am a Christ Being.

I am the daughter/ son of God.

God Father, Mother, All That Is and I, we are one.

I am Light.

I am Love.

Then take one deep breath and abruptly blow the air out through your lips while they are pressed together. Imagine that a second ball is been given birth to through the first ball and it is generated around you. Look at the illustration, afterwards, take 5 minutes to visualize the pranic tube and how it draws the white light inside of you incessantly.

Inside the small golden ball this light is being transformed into golden light. You are the source yourself, the source of all Being. Through this small ball the big ball is being fed. More and more, you are enveloped in golden light and it breathes you. This is what it means, when you hear it breathes me. That's when you are, again, guiding prana through your chakra system into the body. With this, a lot of things will change.

And now say the following affirmations, for five more minutes and feel the Light and Love inside of you and your boundlessness.

I am Light.

I am Love.

I am a Christ being.

I am the daughter/ son of God.

God Father, Mother, All That Is and I, we are one.

I am Light.

I am Love.

I am one with all that is.

I am Peace.

I am Freedom.

I am the center of the universe.

We human beings are within a very strong energy field, today. A lot of things are changing on Earth right now. As many of you know, the frequency of Earth is changing and we are capable of change as well. We have a divine human form, the form of self polar tetrahedrons.

At this point in time, we don't need to know what is happening, exactly, but it struck my attention several times that this exact divine human form was being activated in my field. Here two pictures for explanatory reasons, because it is possible that some people might feel dizziness which will dissipate after taking a few breaths. It feels as if we are within a gyroscope. Gyroscopes are only stable when they turn fast enough.


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